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Fighters Dancing crew

Date of interview: 3rd May 2022

Group biography collected and written by Nellyson_Deo


  • Van Peace 23yrs, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

  • Princo HB 20yrs, DRC

  • Chriss Kid 21yrs, BURUNDI

  • Wakson Montanna 19yrs, DRC

  • Moses Soft Boy 22yrs, DRC

  • Marko 16yrs, DRC

  • John Niggar 18yrs, DRC

  • Quavo 18yrs, DRC

  • De Boss 19yrs, DRC

  • Richesse 16yrs, BURUNDI

  • Black G 19yrs, BURUNDI

Fighters Dancing Crew
Fighters Dancing Crew


We do different sorts of dance due to our environment here in the camp. We are people from different socio-economic backgrounds. We do AFRO DANCE, HIP HOP DANCE, CONTEMPORARY DANCE, CULTURAL DANCE and ACROBATIC DANCE

When we first started dancing we were not called the ”FIGHTERS“. No! We were called the “STAR BOYS.“ But things soon came to a point where we were not agreeing on anything, and so we got divided. Some left the group, while others continued, and that is how we came up with “FIGHTERS DANCING CREW.” We have been together since 2014/2015.

We rehearse from Monday–Friday, and we have performed at many different events, such as the Launch of Airtel 4G Network, Sand Music Festival, Hangout Music Festival, Tumaini Festival, Urban Vibes Maso Awards Festival, just to list a few.

Dance means so much to us. Firstly, we love to entertain our community, and secondly, throughout our dancing we love to leave a certain message everywhere we perform. To sum it up, we give messages of hope in our community through dance.