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Indengabaganizi Crew
Indengabaganizi Crew
Indengabaganizi Crew

Group biography provided by Fabris Bizimana (22 years old) Collected and written by Angela Azibera

Members (all from Republic of Rwanda):

  • Angelique Tumusifu

  • Blaise Niyonkuru

  • Eric Ciza

  • Fabris Bizman

  • Lydia Igiraneza

  • Levie Bikorimana

  • Nema Byirigiro

  • Agustin Niyonkuru

  • Tuze Manirakoza

  • David Uwyezu


The name of the group is INDENGABAGANIZI. In English, it means “beyond the limit,” or “beyond the thoughts of people.” The group started in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2019 that it really became official. We have about 35 members. What motivated us to come up with the group name was that we wanted to prove to people that although we were not born in Rwanda [young members were mostly born in refugee camps], we can dance just like those people who were born in Rwanda. One of our goals is to change this group into a multicultural traditional dance group: to not only dance in Rwandese traditional dances, but to also add other traditional dances from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, and so on. Since we are in a multicultural social environment, we have performed at different shows, such as this year’s International Youth Day, the Makasi Festival, the Tumaini Festival and many more. We would love to tell the youth around the world to not give up, whatever the circumstances may be.