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Shakers Dance Crew

Group biography collected and by Nellyson_Deo


  • Anelka “Mr Dollar” Tshilobo, 19 years old, DRC

  • Kiza “Bidenson ” Eninga, 20 years old, DRC

  • Aimable Niyonyishu, 19 years old, Republic of Burundi

  • Junior Morisho, 18 years old, DRC Contact info not provided


We started dancing in 2016, when we decided to call ourselves “Shakers.” Due to school, we start rehearsals around 2:00 PM, lasting until 4:00 PM. We have performed at many events, such as (LOS) Lake of Stars, Lifest, Ufulu Festival, and the Tumaini Festival.

We dance because we’ve realised that it's something we all love. Even though we get nothing from it at the moment, we keep on fighting and hoping that one day our talent is going to pay off. We keep on pushing ourselves because we believe that one day we’re going to make it. We hope that other people may get a chance to see our talent and come to love dance as much as we do.

Shakers Dance Crew
Shakers Dance Crew