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The Dreamers
The Dreamers
The Dreamers

The Dreamers

Group biography collected and written by Nellyson_Deo


  • Akbar Assumani 18yrs, DRC

  • Ushindi “Elva Jay” 16yrs, DRC

  • Joseph John 17yrs, DRC

  • Jackson Shadrack 18yrs, DRC

  • Seraphin Kazinguvu 20yrs


Before becoming “The Dreamers,” we were all close friends, and we all loved to dance. In 2018, we started this group. The reason we named ourselves “The Dreamers'' was the fact that we all have different dreams. We sat together and realized that the name suits us. We do all different sorts of dance, including AFRO, HIP HOP and CULTURAL DANCE.

We experience different hardships, such as the rainy season. Due to the lack of a rehearsal studio, we do our rehearsals outside. During the rainy season, we have no choice but to give ourselves a break. That is just one among many challenges that we undergo as dancers here in the camp.

We have performed at different events and places such as the Tumaini Festival (in Dzaleka camp), the Makasi Festival (in Dzaleka camp), the city of Blantyre, and many others.

Dance is a talent that we have. Here in the camp we have decided to consider it as a job because we do gain a little something out of it. With everything that we have talked about, we would like to ask whoever is reading this to help us in any way they can, so that we can take our talents further.