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Angela Abizera


Dzaleka Arts Project Team Leader for Poetry
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Biography by Angela Abizera
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Dear Peace

I heard you are capable
But we don’t live in humble
I heard you are responsible
But we are unable

Wars don’t cease
We are not living at ease
For they still tease
We are not going to please

We are forced to flee
Called a refugee
But we hope to be free
Like pollen we wait for our bee


I saw him
Him that caught my eyes
Wide and eager
I had to see him

His presence caressed me
He spoke softly
As I looked into his eyes
There was something deep

Love found us

He grasps me in his hands
My face finds warmth in his palms
My body seeks refuge from him
Engulfed I don't want to wake from this dream

A great wall that shields me
A soul that's hard to part with

Love love love
I might as well go crazy
His presence builds curiosity
Quite hasty

Love found us young


My name is Angela Abizera, originally from Rwanda. I hardly know my story, I was young then. I currently reside in the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. I am passionate about helping other people and working for the community. I am student doing an online degree, and I do voluntary work under Plan International Malawi as a mentor for the Dzaleka Children Parliament. I am also engaged in a youth group.

I love writing. I just started writing and got inspired and encouraged by friends. Two of my friends who were in the Branches Arts Group here in the camp approached me and told me that they heard that I write poems. They kept on requesting that I show them my poems even though I denied that I write. Then I finally gave in and showed them one of the poems I had written and sent to my friends titled “Dear Peace.” They loved it and invited me to join their group, and I did. I never learned about poetry. I would say it’s a natural thing because I remember back in the days, I would write short fiction stories and dramas, but at the moment I am not doing that anymore.

Poetry is a powerful tool to be used as you can convey different messages. When people read my poems, I want them to grasp something either to entertain them or educate them. I want my poems to always have a message.

My poem that is titled “Dear Peace” is a poem I wrote as I thought about the refugee crisis. I was questioning myself why wars happen and yet peace is something that we all need and can be used to solve many problems. My other poem, “Love Found Us Young,” is romantic and talks about love.I want to always inspire people out there that love is a beautiful thing despite the many challenges that occur in a relationship.

Arts is a very beautiful thing. It can be used to implement a lot of projects and help sensitize a lot of occurring issues in the word. Use arts to paint the world.