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18 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by Luanda Bauma Primo

Ramazani Amissi, “ISJO” (a nickname combination of his mother’s and father’s names) was born in 2005 in Baraka. He came to Malawi in 2014 after his family fled due to threats in their home country. Currently, he is a Form Two student.

He writes poems to express the stories of his life and everything he goes through. He started poetry at the White Future Center where he was learning English. His teacher organized a competition for them to recite their poems. ISJO took part, and his teacher was impressed by him, as were his fellow students. This recognition and encouragement made him happy and inspired him to continue doing poetry. He started reading and doing research on poetry, and his teacher pushed him towards many different activities. This later led to the birth of A.P., which stands for Amissi Poetry.

In one of his poems, “Fighting For Equality,” he emphasizes the many problems and difficulties which are faced while promoting gender equality. The poem focuses on how great thinkers from the past tried their best to promote such equality. He is encouraging everyone to join the fight, support, and promote the campaign.

His words and advice to the readers of the book and website is that they should keep on trying, step by step, until they reach their achievements.


It has been time and time
With no solution discovered
That all our imagination are crowded
No longer how should I rhyme

It has been time and time
Recalling me the past days
That madam Mary says
Men and women are born with same capabilities
With the motive of gender equality

I can remember
You can remember
That we’ve been born in the period of seeing
And in the age of reasoning
With the war of promoting gender equality

Were quote from words
Keep on trying
Each failure is one step closer to a success
Were still in the world of success
Until we stand upright like flag

we still recall the 17th and 18th centuries
that the thinkers criticized on the churches
with the believer in reason rather than in churches
as their rebirth of freedom of speech
that appealed the basis of human rights

let’s all stand together
to fulfill our dreams
and fly with no wings
as all together