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Clement Mboye

Clement Mboye
18 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by B.V.

Clement Mboye is a young man born in 2005 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His family fled to Malawi due to security concerns.

“I don’t know how many countries we passed through to reach here because I was young then. We arrived in Malawi in the year 2011 and I started my primary education and now I am in my secondary level.”

Currently, Clement is a student. He started writing poetry in Standard 5 after reading “The Broken Bridge,” which he enjoyed. It inspired him to learn about writing, and he wanted to start writing as well.

When he writes, it makes him feel confident, and it removes any fear. It builds his capacity, and he is able to think deeper. It brings him somewhere else.

Watching different behaviors and how people lead countries made him write “Tears of Africa.”
“Our key to success has been buried, leaders are selfish and we have lost trust in them.”

Clement would like to tell everyone reading the book and website that “we have talent. Join groups and promote talent.”


Africans, the key to our success has been buried
We have no one to put our trust in because our leaders are selfish

Laws are made to favour the rich and leave out the poor, suffering
How can the land be rich and the people die with hunger

Anytime I time I think about Africa, the pain in my heart grows stronger
Why Africa?


The clock, it’s always ticking. It's time for you to choose
Try to win the game of life, or accept that you will lose

Some people are born to live, and some are born to die. Some people choose to walk
While others choose to fly

No one can make you happy
No matter what you're going through, bad things happen to all of us. It’s not only you

Stop feeling bad for yourself
Stop wallowing in your sorrow
If you can't pick yourself up today
Pick yourself up tomorrow