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22 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by Luanda Bauma Primo

Dieudo is a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who is 22 years old and currently a student. He arrived in Malawi in 2018.

Dieudo does poetry and learned it in DRC in French when he was in Form 3. The teacher taught them poetry, the rules, and he was interested in it. He started practicing and wrote his first poem and did his first performance at school. Sometimes when he is angry, he writes a lot of things. He writes most of his poems when he has strange feelings.

Poetry means a lot to him. It is where he shows his feelings: what he feels, what he wants, everything he wants. If he has an idea of something and wants to find a solution, he writes a poem. If he misses someone he’ll write as well.

He wrote the poem “My Mama” in regard to his mother as he knows she did so much for him. The first verse says “am in love with my mama” then “she gave birth to me.” Giving birth is not simple. He feels like she is very special to him. He wrote the poem to show her how much she means to him and describe how she is the best to him.

To the readers of the book and website: reading is very important because it can help to resolve problems, to find out what you did not know, and most special things.


I'm in love with my mama
She gave birth to me
How many were aborted
But my mother's history's not
She is the best to me
Watch out what she has innovated

She cooks for me since I was a baby

Until in our days!
When my neighbors downgrade me
She makes me feel amazed

She fought for my best and still
Seeking for my nosh with her

She's risking and westing all that
She has just for turning
My Joy back

She diminishes my pains in giving
Me hope , she's wow
She deserves all my respects in the
Next days and even now
Please God!
Try to keep her safe for me
'Cause without her
I must stay so Gloomy