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14 years old
Democratic Republic of Congo
Biography collected and written by Angela Bizera
Photo by Primo Luanda Bauma

Maulidi is a young man from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) aged 14 years. He came to Malawi in 2016 when his family fled DRC due to security concerns. He is a student and is in secondary school at the moment.

He started poetry while he was in primary school. He was inspired by his friends, who could write and recite poems. This made him interested. He consulted his friends who helped him, and he started writing his own poems as well. They later started doing group poems and formed their own group called “The Clever Boys.”

He likes poetry because it makes him think far and be creative in everything he is going through. He is able to manage any situation he is going through by writing it down. He loves poetry and believes he can achieve through it.

He would like to tell readers of this book and website that he loves them and should support his art.


Off it shuts the bulbs of love in my brain
The memory of over-loving being sufficient
The suffocation that will lead in brain ever

Too much pain transfers me to struggle on
Chewing stones in my own stress deport
Love slapped without respect
I call that love is abstract

I am milling alone in the stress planet
The planet you will never discover

Without any spouse I am yawning alone
Question marks are ruling my spinning heart