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Mutombo Esdras

Mutombo Esdras
21 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by Luanda Bauma Primo

Mutombo Esdras is a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He arrived in Dzaleka in 2013, and is a student at Daeyang University. He spends most of his leisure time outside of classes writing and performing at various local events in the camp.

He started learning poetry through a children’s art club that was in the camp, where he did both writing and acting. He then started doing poetry more seriously when he got into high school and performed at the weekly school assembly on Mondays. This helped to develop his skills. Making art for him means that he can always be improving and making a positive impact, sending a message of love, hope, and peace to people around the world.

The pieces that he shares are close to his heart, and he would like people to read and enjoy them because poetry is like a ray of sunshine; it feels good when it hits the spot.

Lost In Love (Poem 1)

A forest full of laughter and joy,
An emotional playground for girls and boys,
Where bleeding hearts come to rest,
Where majestic angels lay their nest

I come in search of a home
Where my heart will feel safe
Like the fresh air in Rome
I look for a girl so pretty
Whose smile is the source of my poetry

Love is what I seek
Because hate just makes me sick
I will hold on to her so quick,
Because with her I am Lost In love

Oh boy, oh boy! (Poem 2)

Waking up to the sound of guns
Bullets piecing through the walls
Screams of mothers
Children, animals, and fathers
Bonds broken
Peace stolen, my fear to the terror awakened
Oh boy! Oh boy!

Tears roll down our faces
Can’t find my sister, Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Flooded with blood
I stare at the Copses of two, frozen
Features, are they dead? Oh boy! Oh boy!

Houses destroyed, no rescue
We are just like a bee hive, destroyed
Now, everyone scattered, running
For their lives. The old perish
The place is covered by a fog of hatred and pain
Oh boy! Oh boy!

Wishing to just dial 911
But we don’t have it here, it’s just us
And the bullets, one by one
We cover our heads and close our eyes as the war rages on
Oh boy! Oh boy!