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Relais W. Looko

Relais W. Looko
15 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by Luanda Bauma Primo

Relais W. Looko is a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is 15 years old. He came to Malawi in 2013 and is currently a student

He is a poet who only likes to write and does not like performing. Poetry is a talent he has, and it makes him feel good even during his sad moments. He was surrounded by friends who were poets, which inspired him and he started to write as well. He started this journey while he was learning English at White Future Center where they were also taught poetry. It is here that he started writing and even recited his first poem. Poetry makes him express himself, all his feelings he has and is going through. Whether he is happy or sad, he expresses his emotions through writing.

He wrote the poem “Orphan” based on a true story about himself. He decided to write and express how being an orphan affected him.

His advice to readers of the book and website is that they should never give up and should continue to pursue their dreams. There are some who are orphans but that should not limit them to achieving anything and they should trust themselves.

ANGELA (Poem 1)

I think I am truly in love with you
Everything that I see my love
I only find flashes of you

Your love give me a solace
And that’s why you are called Angela
Origin from Angel
You are my Angel

When you look at me
I feel a little shy
Each time I close my eyes
You are the first I see

Each time I take a breath
It is for you my darling I breathe
My heart yearns for you each day
I love you
You are my Angel!

ORPHAN (Poem 2)

It was many and many years ago
Where my parents waved the world
They were transported in the planet of loneliness

They left me a name
I was called an orphan
Being treated like an orphan
Grouped in groups of orphan
And known as an orphan

After death we were taken for granted by the man
Just hanging around like a chicken searching for food
No one calls me by my old familiar name

I had pains fencing my lonely heart
Being an orphan is not my wish
My eyes runs heavy rains each day
I am a poor orphan