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Simon Kash

Simon Kash
22 years old
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography by Angela Bizera
Photo by Luanda Bauma Primo

Simon Kash is a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who is 22 years old. He arrived in Malawi in 2016. His story began in the year 2014 when his house was engulfed by a group of unknown military searching for his grandpa who was a general. He was in danger of being recruited as a child soldier, and in 2016, he and his family started their journey of searching for safety and found themselves in Malawi.

He is a student studying toward a degree and a poet. He has written a couple of poems and now is preparing to come up with a poetry book dedicated to all refugees worldwide. He was inspired when he was in 3rd grade and was curious about rap, trying to learn more about rap and how it comes from poetry as well as to understand what it means for an artist. His first time performing was during 8th grade graduation where he was asked to perform. His first poem was “School Shoes” that talked about how he started walking from the first grade until 8th grade and now his shoes have relaxed.

Arts is one way of making him feel and to express himself regarding what he went through, what he sees, and what he wants to become. It is also a safe space that relieves him when he is doing his art. He wrote the poem “I Am Depressed” for his friend who killed himself. He was Simon’s close friend and he took his life. His friend had a girlfriend that hurt him and he was stressed out. He isolated himself and the only option he chose was to stab himself. They all cried for him. His mother had relied on him. That is why Simon had to write the poem, where he put himself in his friend’s shoes. A lot of people are inspired by the poem and think that Simon is the one that went through it, but he tells them it is for a friend.

To all the readers of the website, Simon wants to advise them that writing is unique and special. If they have things that they took personally, maybe they are depressed and feel they can’t share it out, they can just write it out. Poetry is a good messenger, and he really means that.


Pain has a romantic way of making my tears feel like perfect company
Anxiety holds me a hostage inside my head
Sorrow sweeps me up in his arms
And I can't get out of bed

Sitting with a sharp knife on my chest and think
What would it feel like to die?
When nobody cares, loves and life is not fair

So I dig the knife into my chest
And say to myself "Hey you know what?
This doesn't hurt
So I dig deeper

As everyone stands on my grave
Am up watching every single person I've hurt
Mom cries and asks son why?

With my muted voice I tell them
I wish you knew how many labels I carried
The grief that kept on ringing in my heart
like clumsy church bell

I was a party I didn't want to be at
Mom, I wasn't afraid of dying but
afraid of living, each day I was sleepwalking

Mom screams loudly, why didn't you talk to me?
You’ve left your brothers, sisters, and loved ones
Son I could make you happy, please wake up

I sadly tell her, “Isolation overwhelmed me mom"
And if could tell my story, maybe you would
also follow my knife

What I wanted is to sink into this ground
that's what is fair
Am sorry mom, I hear echoes in my ears
I don't know if it's heaven or hell calling