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Boanerges Jean-Luc

Boanerges Jean-Luc

Democratic Republic of Congo
26 years old
Creative art: Shoe maker
Interviewed on 20th April, 2022
Biography collected by Serge Kasongo


Boanerges Jean-Luc is a young Congolese man who fled his country of origin due to war and came to seek asylum in Malawi. He currently lives alone in Dzaleka Refugee where he makes shoes to earn a living. He received training from his uncle back in Congo. He now owns a small shop in the camp where he makes and sells shoes, slippers, sandals, belts, etc. However, there are challenges he meets. He can’t find most of the materials he uses in camp and must travel to towns which are far and costly. The profit he gets is very little due to the low prices of items in the camp.

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