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Imani Kiza


Imani - Photo Collection
Democratic Republic of Congo
20 years old
WhatsApp: +265 992 377 552
Biography collected by Serge Kasongo


I am Imani Kiza. I am a young artist born on 7/10/2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I came to the Dzaleka refugee camp when I was still very young, just about 9 years old. I then started primary grade 2 at Umodzi Katudza Primary School. My desire for drawing increased in the way that I used to copy some pictures and draw as practice. My teacher and fellow classmates used to give me some diagrams so that I could draw for a lesson. By doing that,I realized that it was my talent. I liked it and I used to practice every day.

When I was 15 years old, I decided to look for somewhere or a school where I could learn how to draw. I wanted to draw someone’s face exactly as he or she looks. I met with a certain boy with some drawings. I asked him where he was coming from. He answered that he was coming from a club and had just started learning there since it was free, supported by UNHCR. There were many activities at the Children’s Art Club (CAC), such as drumming, singing, dancing, playing piano, drawing, weaving and the like. Some were doing two or more activities. But for me, I just got ahead with learning drawing.

I used to go to school in the morning until 2pm. Then, I would go to the Children’s Art Club. I learned drawing at that club for 2 years and gained some experience. We had competitions every year, and I managed to get position 1 or 2.

My fellow friends, after they just gained some experience, they decided to stop learning. But for me, I met with another teacher who taught me more things that I didn’t know. I learned how to draw using a pencil, colored crayons, and I learned how to mix paint.

After that, I asked my parents to give me a little amount of money so that I could buy materials for drawing. They gave me some money. Although it was not enough, I bought materials for art work and started drawing on people’s walls. They paid me, so I was able to add some other resources that I did not have.

Little by little as time went, my experience kept on increasing, and I learned new ways and techniques for drawing. By now, I have reached the extent of drawing portraits and selling them. I’m still learning new techniques, and I would like to continue with my talent so that it can expand.