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Francois Bangwe

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
20 years old
Phone: 0990257748 (same on WhatsApp)
Instagram: francoisbangwe5gmail.com4
Facebook: Francois Bangwe Art
Youtube: Francois Bangwe Art
Twitter: Francois Bangwe Arts
TikTok: francoisbangwe
Biography written by François Bangwe


My name is François Bangwe, I am 26 years-old, and I am an artist born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a painter and designer. I started drawing when I was twelve years old on my own without depending on anyone to teach me. I spent much time practicing drawing, like portraits, animals, etc. Thereafter, I joined CAC (Children Art Club) and I got a certificate. After I got my certificate of arts, I came up with an idea of teaching youths and children, and I’m still doing it. Pencil and paint are my favorite mediums to communicate with people. I used to use black and white but now I use colors as well. Since I started drawing, my art works have been exhibited at Dzaleka refugee camp, There Is Hope, and the Tumaini Festival. I have also exhibited my art works in different places and festivals in Malawi, like Ubuntu National Arts Festival, Kaza Kitchen, Makasi Art Festival, Masamba Garden, Orchard Café and Restaurant, Food Festival, Corps Africa, Africa Human Capital, and Small Farm Cities Africa Organization. From 2021 until now, I have been applying to exhibit at Four Seasons, and my work has been selected in all seasons. I also have a small community gallery in Dzaleka refugee camp where we display different works. My dream is to be an international artist of paintings. It is my goal to have a big gallery in the future. And I am pretty sure that one day my dream will come true.


Tumaini festival, 2018 November
Tumaini festival, 2021 November
Ubuntu National, 2021 May
Ubuntu National, 2021 June
Ubuntu National, 2021 July
There is Hope, 2021 August
Kaza Kitchen, 2021 September
Makasi Festival, 2021 September
Orchid Café and Restaurant, 2021 September
Four Seasons hotel, 2021 November

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